What is Mojo?

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One of the themes that characterizes the Mojo Technique may seem to contradict mainstream fitness conditioning, especially where sports are competitive. The old adage “ No pain, no gain” is really the opposite of what the Mojo Technique is about. A better, more easily digested and adhered to maxim might read, “L ess pain, Yes pleasure.”


Essentially the Mojo Technique works best when the ultimate outcome puts your mind and body into a state of peaceful contentment, much like Yoga, but with an extra bit of something positive that carries forward into your workaday life. It is this ‘bonus effect’ that we are trying to induce, through the employment of specific movements, resistance, and dance patterns with coordinated music and vocal instruction.


The elements together, with an instructor acting as your guide, helps you find that warm connection, which we call your Mojo. Each person has a unique set of conditions that will provoke the Mojo response. Everyone has the ability, but you must find your own path, with the help of an instructor that is tactically trained to ‘stoke the fire’, helping you navigate a complex web of physical and mental barriers that have kept you from feeling as well as you would be.


This is where an analytical approach would fail you, favoring the intuitive side of your personality. the attempt to reduce the steps to finding your mojo into discrete, highly repeatable components often fails because you’d be reducing things along an unending division of granularity.


Mojo is better discovered through raw feeling, and a headlong groping in the dark, until you sort of bump into it, feel its dimensions and then develop a sense of the thing, which gets easier through every sincere attempt. There is in fact a science behind this, but suffice to say, it’s far easier to achieve subjectively through kinesthetic practice than by composing theory, mental models and simulation.


Open yourself to the possibility of discovering your Mojo, and you will be greatly rewarded with a new tool in your daily stress-reduction arsenal.


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