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What is The Mojo Technique?

Mojo technique with Rodney James is a perfected fusion of the mind, body and soul that translates into all aspects of life inspiring the natural intention and awareness to transform ordinary into the extraordinary.

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All our classes fall under the Mojo Technique Program.  A Method created by Rodney James 

What is the Mojo Technique?   We offer many different variety of styles  of classes where the methods are used and that is pretty much in all of them! It may be  Adult Ballet (Fundamentals), you connect to it bmore or the Aerial Yoga, Meditation, Yoga Chair Dance, Pilates, Burlesque Fitness you connect with it more... Regardless, you are in the right place.   


We have 2 channels  (Subscription) Aerial Arts / Yoga and Dance Wellness

But if you decide you like all our classes you can choose the monthly plan and get everything 

All classes have been fused together for a reason, one being health fitness, mental and physical and mostly to reawaken the body from within bringing harmony, grace and strength into your mind, body and soul.  

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